Hallelujah! West End Church brings new glory to The Loop!

HOUSTON -- The West End Church, a new nondenominational church, is bringing new glory to Houston's inner-loop. The church is located in the epicenter of the city at 802 Shepherd Drive. The highly sought after piece of land recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and restoration - now valued at $6.5 million dollars.

The renovations include: a new center aisle, restored original brick and wooden pews, wood ceiling, and state of the art video and stage technology. All of the renovations were completed while trying to maintain the architectural integrity of the buildings. The 60-year-old historic buildings, will be used for ministries, concerts and other community events.

This new, non-denominational church, is the first inner city church from River Pointe Church. The church is known around the country for its uplifting music which is performed by some of the best musicians in the city. The contemporary message found in the songs and the church's new space are attracting a younger audience to West End Church.

"Our hope is that West End Church becomes an iconic landmark for the city," says Lead Pastor of River Point Church, Patrick Kelley says.

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