Drive and Listen website lets you drive the world virtually

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you long to travel the world again, but still aren't sure it's safe, then a new website may be what you're looking for.

It's called Drive and Listen, and it may be the most Zen experience on the internet right now. A warning though, it's addicting.

The website was invented by Erkim Seker, a Turkish graduate student who's studying in Germany but longed to drive around his native Istanbul again while listening to the radio.

The new app lets you drive through 50 cities around the world and listen to local radio stations in each country as well as the sounds of street life.

You can tap on a certain city, like Havana, Cuba, and you'll first see black and white static. But then suddenly, you're rolling through the streets of Havana listening to a local Cuban radio station.

It's a virtual reality experience that brings cities around the world right to you, and they're in crystal clear 4K video. You can even decide how fast you want to go.

Along the way, you'll stop for traffic lights, crosswalks and cows in India. Watch it once, and you're likely to be hooked.

Check out the site here.

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