Expect traffic delays as crews repair 8-foot-wide hole near Fondren, Memorial Villages PD says

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Friday, July 7, 2023
8-foot-wide hole causing traffic backup in Memorial Villages: Police
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Memorial Villages police said crews are working to repair a large hole near Fondren and Woodway, just south of Piney Point Village.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Crews are working to fix an 8-foot-wide hole in the Memorial Villages area on Friday.

The Memorial Villages Police Department said the repairs were taking place near Fondren and Woodway, just south of Piney Point Village.

Houston Public Works officials said they are investigating the incident as a "street collapse," which, they say, is when a line below the concrete is damaged, causing the street to collapse.

In an afternoon update, officials confirmed a damaged 24-inch wastewater line is what caused this portion of the road to collapse.

That damaged line has no impact on city services, according to a spokesperson from the department.

Officials said their immediate concern is keeping the hole from growing, then repairing the damaged line, and finally repairing the broken road.

Individuals who work and reside in the area were startled that a large section of a busy road could disappear so easily.

"We always drive it," Dashia Graham said. "I've never seen anything like this."

Police said the road closure is causing a traffic backup, advising people to avoid the area, if possible.

Memorial Villages police sent out a statement saying no traffic is being allowed north on Fondren from Woodway, and that traffic going southbound on South Piney Point Road will be closed at Memorial Drive except for people needing to get to their homes.

The statement also said no traffic is being allowed south of Woodway.

Houston Public Works said it's working on repair options, adding the road will be closed "for a while."

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