Fix to Fondren Street after 8-foot-wide hole opens up to take 'several weeks,' public works says

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Work on Fondren Street's hole to take 'several weeks' to complete
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Houston Public Works provided an update on the Fondren Street collapse that unfolded four days ago. The total work is expected to be done in weeks.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If Fondren Road near Woodway Drive is a typical path for your everyday commute, Houston Public Works is asking if you can wait "several weeks" before crews can complete repairs on an 8-foot-wide hole.

The department provided an update on Tuesday, four days after the Fondren collapsed due to a damaged 24-inch wastewater line.

Eyewitness News captured the damage from the ground and up above from SkyEye on Friday.

In a Houston Public Works tweet, crews were seen "backfilling" the hole with concrete.

"This portion of the repairs is expected to be complete in the next 24 hours," the department's tweet read.

While the timetable sounds encouraging, Houston Public Works followed it up with what it still has to do and the real timing for the whole repair.

"Crews will install a new manhole and connect a wastewater line underneath Fondren Road. The full repairs to the road will likely take several weeks to complete," the city's public works said, adding that an update should come later in the week.

Public Works earlier assured that there would be no impact on city services but also gave an informal closure timing of "a while."

Memorial Villages police advised people that no traffic is being allowed north on Fondren from Woodway, and that traffic going southbound on South Piney Point Road is closed at Memorial Drive except for people needing to get to their homes. In addition, no traffic is being allowed south of Woodway.

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