Neighbors in Sienna Plantation still cleaning up after Harvey

Friday, February 16, 2018
Neighbors still cleaning up after Harvey in Sienna Plantation
Before the floods, Harvey walloped Sienna Plantation with damaging tornadoes.

SIENNA PLANTATION, Texas (KTRK) -- "I knew it was serious."

Michelle Borysko can still describe the chaos inside her Sienna Plantation home when the tornado hit right before Hurricane Harvey arrived.

"My son's telling me how it's raining, mommy. 'It's raining in the house,'" Michelle said.

Almost six months later, Michelle's roof is still covered in several tarps where the tornado ripped off parts of it.

She also showed us the damage from the inside on her second floor, costing them around $50,000 to fix.

The ceiling caved in at the hallway and inside their media room. The carpet is pulled up.

Fortunately, her four children were in another room when the tornado hit.

Across the street, you see more contractors than residents.

House after house is still under construction after all these months. Some families still haven't been able to come back home.

"Taking care of that and the four kids and working part time and my husband's full time," Michelle says. "It's been not a struggle, but a different walk of life."

One reminder that is likely to last, a tree was torn apart by the tornado.

A neighbor had it carved and etched in the trunk it says, "15th Fairway tornado. 12:56 a.m., August 26th 2017. Hurricane Harvey."