COINS TO CASH: How to check if your spare change is worth thousands of dollars

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Rare coins could be worth thousands
Consumer expert Chelsey Hernandez explains why rare coins could be worth thousands of dollars.

Calling all coin collectors -- you could have a coin in your stash right now worth thousands of dollars and not even know it.

Don't miss out on possible cash. There are three things to look for in your half dollars, quarters, and dimes.

"Look at the rim of the coin to see if there's silver in the coin," said Matt Duncin, manager of U.S. Coins.

A 90 percent silver coin will not have any shine to it.

You'll also want to check half dollars dated 1965 through 1970 because those coins are 40 percent silver. Anything 1964 and earlier is 90 percent silver.

"Right now 90 percent silver is worth around $12 dollars per dollar (coin). So if you have a dollar (coin) at 90 percent silver, it's worth $12," explained Duncin.

Don't throw out damaged coins, either.

"If they are damaged, based on silver, there are better dates to look at and errors to look at and they can be very valuable," said Duncin.

U.S. Coins will look through your collections free of charge to ensure you're not getting rid of a coin that may actually be worth a lot of money.