PepperLou Gifts: A mother and daughter dream come true

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
PepperLou Gifts: A mother and daughter dream come true
PepperLou Gifts started as mother's dream to give her daughter a better future. Now the shop has become a beloved part of the community and supports other small businesses!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- PepperLou Gifts started as a dream by Valerie Cassady and her daughter Ellie.

They always wanted to open their own store, but it wasn't until Valerie needed a space for her interior decorating business, that PepperLou Gifts was born.

Valerie wanted to open the Memorial-area store to give Ellie a better future after she graduated high school. Valerie said, "As a young adult with special needs, there aren't a lot of programs out there to make them feel a part of something big. And so we started PepperLou for Ellie."

The shop is full of treasures from around the country that Valerie and Ellie have found in their travels.

Customers say you can find incredible products from small businesses you can't find anywhere else.

"Ellie's Corner" is also really popular, filled with Ellie's favorite items.

You can learn more about PepperLou Gifts at their website, or follow them on Instagram.