Memorial HS teen bringing awareness to autism with jewelry business

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Memorial HS teen starts "Beads for Special Needs" business
"A lot of people see it as bad thing and really, it's awesome," said the young entrepreneur.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A senior at Memorial High School is hoping to raise awareness of autism.

"A lot of people see it as bad thing and really, it's awesome and unique the way they see the world," said 18-year-old Conlee Dull. "Just because someone thinks a little different than us doesn't mean they're not human just like any of us would be."

After her cousin was diagnosed with autism, Dull started her own jewelry business called "Beads for Special Needs" to raise money for awareness and treatment.

In the past five years, Dull has been able to donate about $2,000.

"I've learned to be more patient and just to see everybody for their worth and value, and that someone's ability shouldn't define them as a person," she said.

Dull also volunteers with local disability groups and works as an aide at her school.

"I want to be a special education teacher, so the colleges I'm looking at have programs where I can specialize in severe disabilities," she explained.

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