Alief ISD warning parents of app it says is being used by child sex predators

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Monday, May 10, 2021
Does your child have this app? Alief ISD says you need to delete it
The app is called "Party in My Dorm," and it's reportedly being used by child sex predators to target young kids, the district says.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Alief ISD issued a strong warning to parents on Friday about an app district officials say is being used by child sex predators.

In a letter sent to parents, the district said the app is called Party in My Dorm. It was described as a role playing video game app that's intended for teens.

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"We have been made aware that it is being used to target and 'friend' children by strangers who may cause them harm," read the letter.

The district is asking parents to monitor their child's cell phone or any other smart device.

If you'd like to report any suspicious activity, call the Alief Police Department at 281-498-3542.

"We also ask you to encourage your children to be mindful of their social media and to be aware of who your child is communicating with through social media or apps," said the district. "By working together, we can make sure our children are safe, strong and thriving."

To help monitor your child's phone, there's an app called Bark. It alerts parents about websites the kids visit and even images being sent to them to make sure they're staying safe and within the rules established by mom and dad.

"It will flag you. It will flag the parent just to say, 'Hey there is something going on that you should be aware of,'" said a parent.

Parents are urged to set up the parental controls and screen monitoring systems each device has as a way to keep an eye out. Parents can also choose to get apps that help do that.

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