Scammers luring victims with fake package tracking text messages

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Scammers luring victims with fake package tracking texts
WATCH OUT! Like so many others, you might be expecting packages in the mail this week. Beware of texts claiming you need to verify your shipping address.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Watch out for a package tracking scam that could show up in your text messages.

Consumers across the county are reporting unsolicited text messages that ask you to confirm your shipping address, but experts say you should not click on the link in the message.

ABC13 reporter Jeff Ehling received the same text message overnight, and said he almost clicked the link since he is expecting a package, just like millions of other Americans as Christmas approaches.

An ABC13 producer also got the same text overnight.

Scammers are taking advantage of the boom in online shopping and package deliveries.

The scam text claims to be from package tracking and includes a shipping code. It asks you to confirm your address by clicking the link in the text message.

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Police departments across the greater Houston area are looking into a possible scam impacting children during Christmas time.

Experts say the link will take you to a website that will ask you for personal information under the guise of confirming your address, but the real purpose is to get credit card numbers and other personal information.

Attorney generals from across the country are warning about this scam.

Here are ways you can spot scam texts:

  • Sender appears to be from a personal, 10-digit phone number
  • The message does not mention the company involved
  • The message asks to update the shipping address
  • Possible spelling errors in the text

To stay safe when tracking packages:

  • Go to the online receipt you got from the internet retailer
  • Click on the tracking links sent to you by the company
  • Never click on unnamed text message links

If you have received similar text messages, block the number and delete the text.

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