Still need to ship gifts? You still have time, but it will cost you

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Still need to ship gifts? You have time, but it will cost you
We have all fallen victim to procrastination at least once! If you still need to send off a package and want it to arrive on time, here are your options.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The countdown to Christmas is in full swing and the clock is running out to get packages shipped on time.

Employees at PostNet, a printing, copying and shipping business off Bissonnet, say if you have not sent off your packages by now, it is going to cost you.

"The only thing you can do this late in the week is an overnight service," said Jorge Canu, the owner of PostNet.

For 17 years, Cantu and his team have been serving the community, and he said customers can expect to pay a lot more in order to ensure packages arrive on time.

"It can start at $65 and go to $200 or $300," he said. "It's all based on size, weight and destination."

FedEx still has two-day shipping options available and overnight options for those dropping off packages on Christmas Eve.

USPS has one option left through the 23, and that is priority mail express, but it won't guarantee two-day delivery to Alaska or Hawaii.

For local deliveries, customers might be able to get items to the mail Wednesday and still make it by Christmas, but employees say the sooner the better.

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