East Downtown shop turns 'trash' into charitable fashion

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
East Downtown shop turns 'trash' into charitable fashion
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See how Magpies and Peacocks are turning "trash" into charitable fashion.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A non-profit design house in Houston is finding the beauty in "trash" and making upcycling fashionable!

Every accessory and outfit sold by Magpies & Peacocks in East Downtown is created from material that would have been thrown away.

Designers transform leftover materials from the fashion industry and donated upscale items into brand new creations. From dog collars made from neckties to handbags made from old evening gowns, Magpies & Peacocks is filled with unique finds!

"If we can do something that really is good for the planet as well as the soul and as well as the people involved and can employ people to make here from stuff that we're throwing away, why wouldn't that be a good idea," Magpies & Peacocks founder Sarah-Jayne Smith said.

For more information, visit www.magpiesandpeacocks.org.

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