ABC13 asks Lake Jackson PD to clarify officers fatally shooting suspect after high-speed chase

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Saturday, March 4, 2023
Questions remain after Lake Jackson police fatally shoot chase suspect
Lake Jackson police told ABC13 it all began when a man stole a truck and began to lead law enforcement on a high-speed, miles-long chase.

LAKE JACKSON, Texas (KTRK) -- Lake Jackson police told ABC13 it all began when a man stole a truck and began to lead law enforcement on a high-speed, miles-long chase.

Along the way, police said the man hit a car, and police cruiser and tried to run over an officer. Eventually, the police threw down a spike strip.

According to police, they ran to check on the driver, but he got out of the stolen vehicle.

In a press release from police, officials say the suspect had enough time to charge them with what's described as a long-bladed knife. He was then shot and killed by law enforcement, but witnesses tell us that's not what they saw.

"It's crazy. It shouldn't have happened like that," Amelia Martinez said.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Lake Jackson officers shoot chase suspect to death after he charged at them with knife, police say

In a witness video, you see the driver-side door swing open but less than two seconds later, police open fire.

"I didn't see no weapons or nothing, and there were multiple people who said the same thing. There was no large knife or whatever they said," Martinez said.

On Friday, Eyewitness News spoke with the Department of Public Safety, the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office, the DA's Office, and Lake Jackson police, challenging if what they said happened is true.

Lake Jackson police said the sheriff's department is in charge of the investigation, and they recovered a large bladed knife.

When asked for a better description or picture, ABC13 was directed to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office confirmed they are the department collecting evidence. But when asked if they had collected a knife, for a description of the blade, or a picture, they told us all information would eventually be released to Lake Jackson police, who would then release it to us.

ABC13 also asked a Lake Jackson public information officer if the man had left the vehicle. We were told that while the officer we spoke to hadn't seen the video, he says he believes the officers feared for their lives.

The officer's account includes the man charged at them, so they shot.

"The way he was slanted, there was no way he could just get out and start charging like it was dipped down so," Martinez said.

When asked in the man got a verbal warning, we were told the officer had not seen the video and could not tell us. ABC13 was unable to hear in the video if a verbal warning was given.

ABC13 has confirmed that the Galveston Country Medical Examiner's office will conduct the autopsy.

The person's identity and any records or video of the incident were requested.

Police said no video would be released at this time as it's an active investigation and records can take up to 10 days to be delivered, but that we should expect them and an identity next week.

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