ABC13 catches tearful 1st meeting of man who tracked sibling down after dream while fighting COVID

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Monday, September 4, 2023
'That's my brother' Man tracks half-sibling down after vivid dreams
Juan Lewis and his brother Phuong Doan met after Lewis had a vivid dream that he had a half-brother while battling COVID-19.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A dream catalyzed two Texas men to discover they were siblings and ABC13 caught the tearful reunion on Sunday.

The men met for the first time after finding out they lived less than three hours away from one another.

Phuong Doan recently moved to the Katy area down the road from where his half brother Juan Lewis went to high school.

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Except they didn't know about each other until now.

It was a tearful reunion that Sunday morning as two brothers finally got to hug after living a life without each other.

"Shocked, you know? It feels like a part of me has been missing, and now I'm connected with my brother, and I look at him, and I see my dad," Lewis said.

Doan moved to the United States from Vietnam in the 90s and has been searching for his American family for five decades. All he knew was that his father was an American who was in the military.

"I can't talk right now. I'm still pretty emotional," Doan said.

Army veteran Melvin Lewis, their father, passed away in 1988.

Air Force veteran Juan says their dad served a tour in Vietnam but never mentioned anything about it and says it was taboo to bring it up.

"When I was in the hospital, in the ICU. I started having weird dreams that I had a younger brother," Lewis said.

Fighting for his life with COVID, he had a dream he didn't know would change his life.

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He eventually went through a genealogical page to find out more about his ancestry, and to his surprise, he has a half brother.

"When I called him, I saw my dad and my brother, and I knew. I didn't need any DNA then, that's my brother,' Lewis said.

Fifty years of life have passed, but this family is committed to making up for lost time.

Two men originally from opposite sides of the world are ready to learn about each other and connect as only brothers can.

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