Shooting suspect at large after 18-year-old loses eye while allegedly lured by woman he met online

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Shooting that claimed 18-year-old's eye still unsolved 6 months later
An 18-year-old who lost his eye during a shooting said he was lured by a woman he met on an online dating app in Houston, but the case goes unsolved.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of an 18-year-old who nearly lost his life last year said they're growing frustrated waiting for someone to be held accountable.

Law enforcement said the investigation is at a standstill as they wait for someone, anyone, to speak up.

Jorge Juarez-Sanchez said he was shot in the face in August after being set up.

What should've been a meet-up with a woman he had been talking to ended up being the day he nearly lost it all.

"It has been frustrating and annoying," his mother, Edna Juarez, said. "I want justice for my son. God knows how many other people they have done this to. What grows in you to shoot somebody? Que te nace? Como te nace?"

Juarez said it's been nearly half a year since her son was shot in a neighborhood on Pinewest and Hollow Pines in the Wood Forest area.

On Aug. 13, Juarez-Sanchez drove to meet a woman he had been chatting with online. When he showed up outside the home where they agreed to meet, the woman was there, but so was a guy with a gun.

"The guy said, 'Give me everything you have.' My son said, 'No,' and stepped on the gas. When he stepped on the gas, the guy followed him, ran after the car, and shot three times," Juarez said.

She said they sped off in a white car with a getaway driver.

Juarez-Sanchez's car had blood smears everywhere, and moments after he was shot, he got out of his car as he was bleeding, begging anyone to help him.

He fortunately survived, but that night altered his life forever.

"He can't see. He lost his right eye. When the bullet entered, it entered through (his cheek), and it pulled a muscle from the back of the eye and ripped it. It ricocheted through his face and exited the right eye," Juarez said.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said they've pulled fingerprints and found a shell casing at the scene.

A detective told ABC13 the woman who was there that night has a lawyer and is not saying anything.

It's putting a wrench in the investigation as investigators try to identify the man who pulled the trigger.

"I hope someone digs deep and has the fortitude to speak up because this could've been you. If you crossed him, or her. It could be anybody," Juarez said.

She wants justice. Juarez-Sanchez is on track to graduate this year. Still, his mom says, unfortunately, his goal to be in the military and continue the family legacy will no longer be possible.

Authorities urge you to contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Unit at 713-274-9100 if you have any information about this case.

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