iFest changes locations from Discovery Green after NRA protests take over

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Saturday, May 28, 2022
Eyewitness News at 9am - May 28, 2022
Eyewitness News at 9am - May 28, 2022

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The International Festival USA is hosting a Day of Unity on Saturday on the steps of City Hall until 9 p.m.

On Friday, Discovery Green announced that it would be canceling the festival set due to security concerns stemming from protests surrounding the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and the subsequent gun convention in Houston.

iFest USA, regarded as the official celebration of multiculturalism and diversity, announced on Saturday morning that the festival will continue at City Hall at the Hermann Square Reflection Pond.

The festival promotes learning, and information, in support of peace, love, and friendship. The festival showcases exhibits and performances from representatives of diverse nationalities.

iFest USA said in a press release:

Our city and state have been riveted by the impact of the horrific massive shooting at a Texas elementary school that took the lives of 19 young boys and girls while in school along with 2 teachers and not to mention the many that were also injured; adding to a gruesome series of mass killings in America. As pause to reflect on the two-year anniversary of George Floyd Killing, who was also a native Houstonian, all too frequent and yet in our home state. The alarm has been sounded and the bells are ringing for the need for Unity and Reconciliation.

"The Nation's Official Celebration Of Multiculturalism And Diversity --Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month & THE UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION"

As we all face a global human crisis, we are reminded every day of how our fates are interconnected. If one neighbor, family member, friend, or country is not safe, then none of us are safe. We learned that our well-being and safety are linked to what happens next door. Indeed, sustaining peace can only be achieved if we learn to live and accept one another and embrace our differences.

This reckoning with the current state of things has been met by The International Festival USA with a sustained moment of solidarity and community in a time when unity seems to be in a short production.