Houston woman charged for threatening judge who halted DOJ review of documents seized from Trump

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Monday, September 12, 2022
Woman charged for voicemail threats at judge involved in Trump case
A Houston woman was charged for making threats to Judge Aileen Cannon who ordered an intervention in the review of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston woman has been arrested and charged for allegedly making voicemail threats to a judge who ordered the appointment of a special master to intervene in the Justice Department's review of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago last month, ABC News reported.

Tiffani Gish allegedly left three separate voicemails for Judge Aileen Cannon on Sept. 1 in which she leveled various threats. In them, she said, in part, former Pres. Donald Trump was "marked for assassination and so are you... stand the (explicit) down or get shot."

"Again, you're full of (explicit) and I'm going to (explicit) have you shot myself," Gish said in another call. "I've already ordered snipers and a bomb to your (explicit) house."

In another voicemail, Gish threatened to "throw a bullet to your... head in front of your kids."

Cannon forwarded the threats to the FBI on Sept. 3, according to court filings, and agents quickly identified her from the cell phone number Gish allegedly used to phone in the threats. When interviewed by agents the next day, Gish confirmed she left the voicemails.

The United States Secret Service also separately confirmed that Gish had previously made threats against Trump.

According to court documents, Gish has several misdemeanor charges, including assault, assault bodily injury, suspended license, and driving while intoxicated in Harris County dating back to 2004.

Gish has been detained pending a trial by a magistrate judge in southern Texas last Friday, court records show.