Weirdest events that happened on Houston highways

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Some of the weirdest things that have happened on Houston highways
Some of the weirdest things that have happened on Houston highways

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When we spend an average of 61 hours stuck in traffic jams each year, we're bound to see some weird stuff.

While wrecks and never-ending construction contribute to sluggish Houston freeways, our hellish congestion can also be blamed on a bizarre mix of outlandish human behavior, wayward animals (dead or alive), and the sudden need to get butt naked.

VIDEO: Naked man seen running along 610 Loop

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man running naked along the 610 loop Sunday afternoon.

These strange events, by the way, are a great distraction from the fact we're losing an average of $1,490 in lost time and 29 gallons of gas each year while sitting in traffic, according to The Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Next time you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the reason might be on this list:

You're late cause someone had to get naked (again)

Over the last year, we can think of at least three incidents where people stripped down and let it all hang out, from the North Freeway to North Loop to the Southwest Freeway.

VIDEO: Naked woman shuts down Highway 290

Naked woman shuts down freeway

Sometimes the naked run beside us, sometimes they climb atop 18-wheelers, and in one instance, they teeter on the brink of a frightening fall from the top of signs as we hold our collective breath.

SEE ALSO: Southwest Fwy shut down after man in his underwear climbs atop sign

Investigators say a man threatened to jump from an overhead sign and onto the Southwest Freeway at Gulf Freeway.

Sometimes cat ladies happen

Given the alternative, we'd much rather see cuddly animals live. But it takes an awfully brave person to stop their vehicle and to dart between Houston traffic to make it happen.

The woman who chased a quick-moving kitty around the Sam Houston Tollway recently was trying to do a noble thing, but it ticked off a handful of drivers who showed their appreciation with a slew of hand gestures.

VIDEO: Woman spotted chasing cat on Sam Houston Tollway

A feline on the freeway caused quite a frenzy for tollroad officials on Thursday.

Officials say it's not worth risking your life.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

We've seen it all too often, and there really isn't a good reason for it. The push down, drag out road rage fights we've seen on abc13 over the last year have drawn a ton of attention.

One fight in particular on the Gulf Freeway really stands out. A pregnant woman was seen trying to stop an SUV driven by her ex-boyfriend. Absolutely brutal.

VIDEO: Driver, pedestrian fight caught on camera on the Gulf Freeway

Man charged after freeway fight with pregnant ex

Ouch: When passengers attack

We thought we'd seen it all, and then a woman was accused of stabbing a driver on the Southwest Freeway. Fortunately, the man was expected to survive, but only after he hit the guardrail, spun his vehicle and then suffered a head-on collision with another driver.

The Southwest Freeway was shut down as a result of all this, and HPD says the woman was whisked away in a getaway car that was likely following the man's vehicle.

VIDEO: Police say woman stabbed man before crash on SW Fwy

A woman is wanted by HPD for allegedly stabbing a driver on the Southwest Freeway

"I gotta go, Julia. We've got cows."

It's Texas. Livestock is abundant. Sometimes the livestock decides to sunbathe on our precious and ample freeway space. Hilarity ensues until we grow hungry and/or need to use the restroom. Then it's just plain rude.

The quote above, by the way, is from the movie "Twister." It has been inserted here on a dare.

VIDEO: Wayward cows block State Highway 290

Walker County Sheriff's Deputies drive cattle to higher ground

Love can happen anywhere, at any time

Most of you know the story, but it bares repeating: Fellas, never ever stop traffic on a Houston freeway to impress a woman.

Vidal Valladares found out the hard way that drivers on the Gulf Freeway (and anywhere in Houston really) aren't keen on traffic for the sake of a marriage proposal.

Not only was he charged for obstruction of a highway, but he and his main squeeze Michelle Wycoff said they received threats on social media.

VIDEO: Man shuts down busy highway to propose to girlfriend

Love can make you do some crazy things, especially when you're young. But shutting down one of the busiest freeways in the U.S. to propose? That's what one couple did.

VIDEO: Charges filed against freeway Romeo

First we brought you the story of a man who had I-45 shut down to propose to his girlfriend. Now, Eyewitness News has learned the that man is facing charges.

30 minutes or it's free

The rich aroma of garlic-brushed pizza dough likely stirred hunger pangs in drivers on the West Sam Houston Tollway after a crash caused a Little Caesar's pizza truck to go up in flames.

While it was a great loss for the company, the fortunate news is the driver was okay.

VIDEO: Fire bakes pizza truck on West Sam Houston Tollway

A Little Ceasar's truck was engulfed in flames on the W. Sam Houston Tollway

Dance like nobody is watching

Sometimes, you just have to dance, but the Eastex Freeway isn't the greatest dance floor.

One man ended up in handcuffs after he climbed on top of his car and danced. Vehicles had to drive around the elevated dance platform until HPD arrived.

VIDEO: Police detain man seen dancing on top of his car

Speaking of dancing, check out these illegal moves

This freeway dance party happened following a police chase on I-45. When HPD started giving the suspect orders over the microphone he took the opportunity to start dancing. The suspect was finally taken into custody after nearly 10 minutes.

VIDEO: Chase suspect dances on the freeway in front of police

HPD orders turn into a freeway dance party for chase suspect on I-45.

Why did the frozen chickens cross the road?

An 18-wheeler crash on Highway 288 meant major delays as emergency crews worked to clear dozens and dozens of frozen chickens from the roadway.

The highway was closed for more than eight hours, but the good news is the big rig driver survived the wreck.

VIDEO: Highway 288 reopens after rig crash spills frozen chicken

All southbound lanes of Highway 288 at 610 South Loop were closed due to an 18-wheeler accident

PHOTOS: Frozen chickens spilled across Hwy 288

Oil spill, extra virgin style

Who spills a load of olive oil and leaves it on a highway? Police wanted to know the same thing after someone slipped away from the big mess near State Highway 288.

For five hours, crews worked to clean the oil slick. When they couldn't wash it away, a load of absorbent clay was ordered, spread on the concrete and then carted away so they could reopen the roadway.

VIDEO: SH288 at Almeda Genoa reopens after olive oil spill

Raw video shows the big clean up underway on the 288 feeder at Almeda Genoa Road