Neighbors want illegal after-hours club closed after deadly shooting in west Houston

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Thursday, September 30, 2021
Neighbors want after-hours club closed after deadly shooting
So far, the club has been raided twice, four people were arrested for selling alcohol after hours, and it recently became the scene of a deadly shooting.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Harris County District Attorney's Office is trying to shut down an illegal, after-hours club where a deadly shooting happened early Monday morning.

ABC13's cameras captured more than 50 shell casings on the ground in front of Chemistry Lounge, which is just a few yards away from a neighborhood. People who live in the area said they're terrified and they want the club shut down.

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Sean Teare with the district attorney's office said it takes time and several steps to shut down any business, regardless of whether it's legal. However, their goal is to get a padlock on the front door of the Chemistry Lounge by this weekend to give people who live out there what they've been asking for.

A man who asked not to be identified filed a police report back in February, documenting the criminal mischief that put bullet holes in his truck window and his fence. Seven months later, bullets coming from the Chemistry Lounge hit his property again.

"I heard shot after shot. It sounded like popcorn. Sounded like glass. Sounded like something hitting on cars. I just got up running," said a relative at the same home.

The relative also said the club has turned their neighborhood into a crime scene too many times, "We have kids, and bullets are coming through fences, through windows, and we don't know when it's going to come to us"

"Their complaints aren't falling on deaf ears. We understand their angst and the problems they're dealing with," Teare said.

The club has been raided twice, and they most recently arrested four people for selling alcohol after hours. Teare said the next step is getting an immediate injunction from a judge to close the chemistry lounge.

"We're operating as quickly as we can, but there are a lot of different loopholes you have to get through to close any business, even if it's completely unlicensed," Teare said.

The illegal lounge has become a hot spot for lawlessness, including murder. Investigators said two groups of people started shooting at each other outside the club Monday morning, and a security guard shot two men. Samuel Green was killed. The other man is expected to survive. Teare said the violence got their attention, and residents said it's time for action.

ABC13 made several attempts to contact the club's owner in person, via phone, and via email, but was unsuccessful.