What should you do if you see a child left alone in a hot car

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Monday, May 21, 2018
Preventing hot car deaths
What to do if you see a child left in a hot car.

It is important for parents to not leave children in vehicles for any reason, especially during hot weather.

On average, 37 children die in hot cars each year in the United States, according to San Jose State University's Jan Null, a certified consulting meteorologist.

Children can die once their body temperature hits 107 degrees. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise nearly 20 degrees in 10 minutes.

According to authorities, cracking a window or parking in the shade isn't a sufficient safeguard.

According to safekids.org, you should A.C.T.

  • A: Avoid heat stroke-related injury and death by never leaving your child alone in a car.
  • C: Create reminders by putting something in the back of your car next to your child. You could also set a calendar reminder.
  • T: Take action. If you see a child in the car, call 911 immediately.