Mirror Mirror: Tone your shoulders before tank top season

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Tank top season is around the corner, and that means you'll be showing off your shoulders! Fit Athletic Club personal trainer Kyle Skinner recently shared tips to help you get your shoulders in shape.

According to Skinner, it's essential to get your shoulder workout in two days a week. You don't want to go too heavy on weights because you don't want to hurt yourself -- the shoulders are a sensitive area! You do, however, want to have a good amount of resistance that allows you to do 12 to 15 reps.

A military press is a great exercise to work the bigger shoulder muscles. Make sure to raise the dumbbells so that the upper arm and forearm make a right angle. Press the arms up and back down slowly.

Front and lateral raises are also effective exercises. These will require a lighter weight. For a front raise, keep the arms straight, and raise the arms up to the shoulders.

For a lateral raise, add a little bend to the arms, and lift the weights out to the sides.

Next, hold the dumbbells next to your sides, and then lift your forearms to make a right angle with your body. From this position, rotate your forearms out to the sides and back.

Finally, try an upright row. Hang both dumbbells down in front of you with dumbbells together. Keeping the dumbbells close to your body, row the arms up toward your chest and release back down.

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