Staircase fitness: Climb your way to a better body

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A staircase is one of the most simple and accessible pieces of workout equipment. Get some of the best staircase moves from Rebecca Spera and Hillary Hall. (KTRK)

We all have access to a staircase. It's one of the best pieces of workout equipment at our disposal, so I asked Hilary Hall to come up with a workout we can do using ours. FYI - using a staircase requires a lot of agility. Be careful doing these moves and even consult a doctor if you're unsure about trying this!
  1. Hop Scotch - Starting at the bottom of the stairs with legs hip-width apart, jump up to the next step with one leg, then jump to the following with two legs on the ground, then jump up the next step with the other leg. Repeat alternating legs up the stairs and then jog down.
  2. Hungarian Split Squats - Stand facing away from the stairs. Place one leg up on the step and squat down into a split squat or lunge. Lift and lower for one minute on each side.
  3. Switch Foot - Standing perpendicular to the staircase, put one foot on the step and one foot on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Squat down, then jump and do a 180-degree landing with the opposite foot on the step. Repeat for 30 seconds, break, and then try to do another 30 seconds.
  4. Running Man Up the Stairs - The running man has gone completely viral over the past few months. Stand sideways on the stairs with one foot in the front and one in the back. Rock your body forward and backward getting some momentum going. Then, do the running man up the stairs -- run down, turn around and do it again leading with the other foot.
  5. Calf Pyramid - Start on the bottom step and do one calf raise. Walk up to the next step and do two calf raises. On the third step, do three calf raises and repeat to the top. Ouch!!!

This workout will make you SWEAT! Seriously. It isn't for the faint of heart. As always, remember to be safe!
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