The tip to crushing fat as fast as possible

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Trying to burn fat as fast as possible? Work your entire body, one trainer recommends. (KTRK)

If you want to crush fat in a short amount of time, Keridon McMahon says it's all about working the entire body and using weight resistance through combination exercises, which work multiple muscles at once. McMahon came up with a fat crushing workout just for us!

For this workout, you'll need a few sets of dumbbells. For beginners, do two sets. As you get more advanced, try to get up to four sets.

1. Squats to alternate front/side punches -- Hold light dumbbells in each hand. Start with two pounds if you're a beginner. Sit low into a squat position, then, holding the dumbbells, punch to the front and the side.

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2. Single dumbbell bent-over row In "T" position -- Grab a heavier dumbbell in your right hand. Standing on your left leg, bend over and lift your right leg, so your body makes a "T". Hold this position, and do a row with the dumbbell. This works both legs, the core, and your back.

3. Alternating lunges with arm curls -- Stand with legs together and dumbbells in each hand. Lunge front with the left foot and bicep curl with the right arm. Stand back to front position and lunge front with the right foot and curl with the left arm. Repeat for 20 reps. This alternating will work the legs, arms, and core.

4. Floor hip extensions to crunches -- Lie on the ground, lift hips into a bridge and crunch, and then lower and repeat. This works the glutes and abs at once.

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5. Single hand plank with dumbbell tricep kickbacks -- In a plank position, hold your body up with one hand and grab a dumbbell with the other hand. Bring the arm holding the dumbbell back and up against the body into a row, and kick out into a tricep kick. Repeat 20 times on each side.
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