LAUSD students return to school after Delta plane dumps fuel onto campuses while returning to LAX staff KABC logo
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Students return to school after jet plane dumps fuel onto LAUSD campuses
Children returned to school the day after a Delta plane made an emergency fuel release over campuses in South Los Angeles while returning to Los Angeles International Airport.

CUDAHY, Calf. -- The day after a Delta Air Lines plane made an emergency fuel release over six South Los Angeles schools while returning to Los Angeles International Airport, children on Wednesday morning returned to classes following an overnight cleanup operation.

According to fire officials, Los Angeles Unified School District elementary school students were among the 60 people who received medical attention on Tuesday.

At a news conference, Superintendent Austin Beutner said operations were "back to normal."

"Schools clean, students are safe, staff are safe," he told reporters. "As we mentioned, we'll continue to monitor and we'll continue to work with our school community to make sure that if there are any lingering effects we'll deal with those."

MORE: 60 people treated after Delta plane dumps fuel near schools while approaching LAX

Fire crews treated 60 people including elementary school students after an aircraft dumped fuel as it approached Los Angeles International Airport.

The Delta airliner, initially bound for Shanghai, dumped thousands of gallons of jet fuel on neighborhoods east of LAX after the flight experienced engine trouble following takeoff.

Hazmat crews used power-washers on potentially contaminated playgrounds, benches and water fountains at Park Avenue Elementary School.

Of the 60 students and staff who were treated for minor injuries, none were hospitalized.