Charges dismissed against man accused of kidnapping woman for 4 years, but could face deportation

Abraham Segura's charges were dropped but he faces a different legal battle and could possibly be deported.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Charges dismissed against man accused of kidnapping woman for 4 years
A woman accused Abraham Segura of kidnapping and keeping her hostage, but charges were dropped against him after evidence disproved her claims. Now, he faces a different legal battle.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A grand jury issued a "no bill" in the case of a man accused of holding a woman hostage for four years in a north Harris County mobile home.

Abraham Segura, 43, was charged with kidnapping and unlawful restraint.

On March 8, a woman called police, saying she was being held against her will. When authorities arrived at the mobile home park on W. Greens Road in the Greenspoint area, they used power tools to cut through burglar bars to get the woman out.

The woman told authorities that Segura threatened to kill her if she left. Deputies on the scene found three guns in plain sight inside the home.

Segura, who was at work at the time, was later arrested.

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"I just would like to defend myself because the story is just like one-sided," Segura told a judge in probable cause court hours after his arrest.

Segura's attorney, Jay Dedrick, said his client and the woman were dating for about four years and lived together.

"We have a lot of affidavits from neighbors saying she can go where she pleased," Dedrick said.

When asked if there was any truth to the allegations, Dedrick said, "No."

He said the woman suffers from mental health challenges. Court records show subpoenas issued by the state to various hospitals, including mental health facilities, for the woman's medical records.

Dedrick put together a "grand jury packet" with evidence to disprove the woman's allegations. In it, he included photos showing the woman outside of the mobile home on multiple occasions. One photo shows the woman and Segura together at a party. Another shows a snapshot of a surveillance video where the woman is seen taking out the trash at the mobile home where she claims she was being held hostage.

"Basically, what my summary of my grand jury packet is she didn't live in the real world," the attorney said.

He said his client had numerous security cameras on his home, as well as burglar bars, chain locks, and sheets of plywood covering exits. Segura used it as security, according to his attorney, because of a previous unrelated incident where he was threatened by gang members.

The woman had access to keys and other tools to get out of the house when she wanted to leave, according to the attorney.

"It wasn't investigated very well, to be honest with you," Dedrick said.

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The Harris County Sheriff's Office said at this time, they do not intend to charge the woman for filing a false report.

Despite having the charges dropped, Segura is still facing a legal battle. His attorney said he is in the U.S. illegally and is now being held in an immigration processing center facing possible deportation.

Segura had to sell his home to pay for his attorneys. Friends and family are keeping his tattoo shop open in his absence, according to Dedrick.

His friends started a GoFundMe account to help with his expenses associated with fighting his case.

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