H-E-B stores will work to stock shelves despite predicted road conditions

Sunday, February 14, 2021
H-E-B stores see rush in customers ahead of severe winter storm
H-E-B's CEO Scott McClelland said stores in the Greater Houston area will be opened, and staff will work to transport products as quickly as possible during the winter storm.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Scott McClelland, President of H-E-B, said it's been one of the busiest days for stores this year, comparing the sales to what stores see in the days leading up to Christmas. McClelland recommends for people to get all the supplies that they need before the winter storm hits on Sunday morning to avoid driving in dangerous road conditions.

"I've been getting pictures from our stores today, and it really is amazing just how busy they are," McClelland said. "You know, we know how to deal with a hurricane, but the one thing about a hurricane is once it passes, you're able to get along on the roads okay. The thing with ice is that you have to wait for it to melt, and that will be the challenge for Houstonians and Texans."

CEO Scott McClelland said H-E-B stores are preparing ahead of time for the effects of the winter storm by closing store hours early. He also said the weather may cause some products to be delayed in getting from the warehouse to the store, but promised that staff will work to ensure customers have access to essential items.

He said the icy road conditions could also impact H-E-B trucks transporting product from the warehouses to the stores in the upcoming days.

"We shipped more product to our stores over the last two days than we did going into any holiday that we've ever had before," McClelland said. "We'll be getting as much product as we can to our stores but it will be a question of, are the roads navigable and if they are then we will be filling the stores back up and if not, it may take us a couple of days to get back into business."

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Firewood and hand warmers were a must for Brad Zavitsky and his family who were traveling from Katy.

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Zavitsky said they decided not to cancel their camping trip near Waller, and they were going to tough out the freezing temperatures this weekend.

"We love it," Zavitsky said. "We're always loaded. I have emergency supplies I always carry with me in my trunk. You know, spare clothing if something goes wrong. There's a lot of preparation you can do, and I suggest people look online for that, there's a whole lot of items you should always keep with you."

H-E-B also announced on its website that it will temporarily reduce store hours this week throughout Texas due to the severe winter weather.

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