School reunification training held at Goose Creek CISD for parents in case of disaster

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Goose Creek ISD holds school reunification training for parents
Goose Creek ISD holds school reunification training for parents

DEER PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- A two-day workshop training was administered at Goose Creek Consolidated ISD for parents in case a disaster takes place at school.

At a time when schools do see acts of violence, what happens after tragedy strikes is the main focus of Goose Creek CISD's safety training.

"I really want to encourage parents to continue to have confidence in the public education system and all that we do to try to protect our young ones," said James Colbert, superintendent of the Harris County Department of Education. "We feel like we are the champion for children so we are dedicated to that."

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More than 100 emergency management officials from schools in the area are participating in the two-day conference with the idea to keep kids, parents, and first-responders safe while getting students out of a classroom and into a safe area.

Organizers are also set to have mock emergency exercises later this week.

The safety training was said to be planned months before the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. However, the event has sparked renewed interest in the training.

"Although it's painful and it's tough to watch and all the testimony from students and parents, it's absolutely necessary for us to make adjustments," continued Colbert.

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The Harris County Department of Education hopes those who attended the safety event will be able to handle emergency situations and also help train others in their own schools.

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