Mom of injured middle schooler wants charges pressed against student after knife used during fight

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Thursday, March 2, 2023
Texas City middle schooler arrested; 2nd student goes to hospital after knife used during fight
In a letter to parents, the school said a student pulled out a knife and used it against another student, but a student and her mother are calling the incident a stabbing.

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- In a minute-long video of a Tuesday afternoon fight at Giles Middle School in Texas City, you see no teachers or adults. Off camera, the fight is eventually broken up.

The Texas City Independent School District told ABC13 that Royalty Edward, the student who was hurt, went to the nurse. The other student was arrested by the on-campus sheriff's deputy.

Royalty said she had no previous history with the 8th-grade student. But when the 8th-grader swung at her, she fought back. Royalty didn't know the other student had a knife.

In a video recorded by students, you can see the knife the school district describes as a pocket knife. The blade looks an inch or two long in the video, and the other student swings it at Royalty about a dozen times in the minute-long scuffle.

"I was like, 'My back hurts. Can you call an ambulance?' And they said they (were) going to take me to the nurse first," Royalty said.

The school district told Eyewitness News that it called Cristina Adkins, Royalty's mother, and offered to call EMS.

Adkins said she told the school she would take Royalty herself. She also told ABC13 the school never offered to call EMS.

"No! They never once mentioned it. I kept telling them. I kept asking them did they call an ambulance," Adkins said.

In a letter to parents, the school said a student pulled out a knife and used it against another student, but Adkins and Royalty said it was a stabbing.

When the district office was asked why they did not call it a stabbing, they said while they did not want to underplay the situation, Royalty did not have deep puncture wounds. Adkins disputes that, reporting her daughter needed stitches and other medical attention.

"When we got to the emergency room, the doctor was looking at her and said we need to see how deep it went. Let me do a CT and X-ray," Adkins said.

Royalty has injuries on her face, head, back, arm, and stomach.

The school told ABC13 the other student would face repercussions as outlined in the code of conduct. Adkins, however, wants charges.

"The worst of the worst. You stabbed my daughter seven times. Y'all don't even know each other," Adkin said.

The district did not disclose if or when the other student would be allowed to return. Royalty goes back to school on Friday, but her return is a mixed bag of emotions.

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