4 workouts that will push you to the limit

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
4 workouts that will push you to the limit
Learning to fatigue your muscles.

If you're working out at home and feeling like you're not getting results, Roz Jones with Empower Fitness Lab says it could be because you're not pushing yourself enough.

To get your body to start burning, she recommends fatiguing the muscles with back to back exercises. Here are a few to try.

Lower Body Dance

Perform a squat and then step back directly into a lunge with the right leg. Switch to a left leg lunge and then go back to the squat. Repeat this sequence with 20 reps.

Push Up and Plank Kick

Do 10 push ups, then stay in the plank position and do six alternating plank kicks, kicking across the body. Your body will be fatigued from the push ups, making you really feel the burn in your core.

Skater Sequence

Start with your left foot on the ground and lower body on the left side. Bring your right foot back and then jump off your left foot and land laterally on your right foot. Next, lower body on right foot, bring left leg back, and jump to the left. Repeat the skater jump from side to side for about 20 times. Then do a squat and a leg lift out to the side. Complete on your left side 10 times and then squat and lift to your right side 10 times.

Plank Up and Downs with a Jumping Jack

Get into a plank position. Lower one arm down to the elbow and then the other. Then, lift both back up. Repeat the up-down motion ten times and then stay in a plank and jump feet in and out, performing 20 jumping jacks. For those who are more advanced, do both at the same time.