6 makeup tricks that will help you look polished in 5 minutes

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Friday, April 6, 2018
Here's how to get flawless makeup in 5 minutes
Here's how to get flawless makeup in 5 minutes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Whether you are a busy woman with a career or a busy mom on-the-go, looking put together can be hard when you're always in a rush.

Well, mom of two and Cammeo Head to Toe Blogger Cammeo Murray says she's got a makeup routine that will make us look like a million bucks in less than five minutes!

1. Grab the concealer! Skip the foundation. Instead, use the concealer and draw a triangle from under the eyes to corners of your nose and fill in. This will brighten the eye area. Next, draw a line down the center of the nose to highlight and spot cover any blemishes.

2. Load on the mascara! We want our lashes to pop, so we're going to start with one coat of mascara.

3. Never forget the brows! Your eyebrows frame your face and are an easily forgotten makeup must. It takes less than 30 seconds to fill in your brows, so grab your brow pencil and start drawing.

4. More mascara! If you have time, after the first coat dries, apply another coat of mascara to really show off those eyes and lashes.

5. Add some color! Apply blush starting at the apple of the cheeks and brushing up towards the eye along the cheekbone. Applying in this motion gives your face an instant lift.

6. A bold lip is a must! A darker lip can make anybody look more put together. For a low maintenance daytime look, dab the darker or brighter color along the lips and use for finger to blend.

That's it. So easy, and so many compliments will come your way.