Fuzzy's Pizza in Bellaire hit by thieves for 2nd time in a week: 'It's not a game'

Jamil Hajjar's nephew owns the Fuzzy's Pizza in Katy, which was also robbed last week.

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Thursday, June 8, 2023
Pizza shop owner brought to tears after repeat break-ins
This is the latest incident after the same pizza shop was robbed a week ago. The owner said his nephew's business was also targeted.

BELLAIRE, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston-area pizza place is having to pick up after thieves for the second time in a week.

Jamil Hajjar is the owner of Fuzzy's Pizza in Bellaire. He's had the shop on Bissonnet Street for about four decades.

His restaurant was first broken into on May 31. Surveillance video shows two suspects entering through the back and opening multiple doors inside the restaurant. It's unclear if one of the suspects in this incident is tied to the latest one.

On Wednesday, exactly one week later, Hajjar said he entered the restaurant only to realize it had been broken into again.

"I go inside and see the change and the money and the door open. The cashier stuff on the floor," he told ABC13 in an emotional interview.

Hajjar shared a video of the incident, which shows a man wandering around, opening the register and drawers, and looking for anything of value. He's then seen kicking a wall and using a metal object to dig through it to get inside.

He said he's hardworking and questions why anyone would do this.

"Scary situation, (it's) like somebody attacked your family. What are you going to do? Why me?" he asked. "I work seven days a week, every day."

Hajjar said the intruder was heartless enough to steal a donation bucket, which he had to help a friend, for children with cancer this time around.

"They're taking money for sick kids. How am I going to face my friend the money was stolen?" he said.

Hajjar said his business suffered thousands of dollars in losses due to the last two hits. But he's also afraid to take his day's earnings home with him every night, worried he'd be targeted by robbers. Now, he's considering changes.

His business was not the only one hit. Hajjar's nephew owns a Fuzzy's Pizza in Katy, which was also robbed last week. In that incident, Hajjar's nephew said it could be political due to recent events his business has held. But a true motive is not clear.

When asked if his family could've been targeted, Hajjar said he thinks it's different people involved and they're not the only business that thieves have hit. But he is asking for the community to come together.

"Everybody watch each other and help each other. It's not a game," he said.