4 men arrested in connection to countywide 'jugging' operation, deputies say

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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Only on 13: 4 charged in nationwide 'jugging' operation, police say
Court records state the suspects each have a criminal history of driving to multiple banks and looking for people with cash with an intent to rob at gunpoint.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Deputies have arrested four men who they believe are connected to a jugging operation across Harris County. The term "jugging" means individuals who follow victims from banks and rob them for their cash at gunpoint.

Marvin Rue, 19; Keyon Reed, 17; Javas Sylvester, 30; and Ralph Speech, 20, are all charged with engaging in organized crime. Reed and Speech are also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

On Aug. 22, deputies said the men followed a couple from the Wells Fargo bank on Fry Road in Katy to a nearby gas station and robbed them at gunpoint.

ABC13 spoke to the victims, who wanted to stay anonymous, fearing their safety.

The couple lives in Katy. According to the woman, she and her husband went to the ATM before grabbing breakfast. Not realizing they were being followed, the couple went to get gas. The woman said two men approached her husband at gunpoint, and her husband sprayed them with the gas pump. One of the men then noticed her in the car and she said he got inside and hit her three times with the gun before he took off with her wallet. She has not been to work since because she is so shaken up.

Through an investigation by the Harris County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Unit, the suspects are believed to be connected to a larger criminal operation.

According to court records, the suspects went to multiple banks looking for people in possession of cash with the intent to rob them of the cash at gunpoint. Records also state the suspects keep various tools used in the aggravated robberies, including ski masks, binoculars, a handgun, and a cell phone with a mapping application for identifying bank locations.

Sources tell ABC13 they were able to track the men down in connection to the most recent incident through surveillance footage and the car they were using, which was traced back to the mother of one of the suspects.

Three of the four men have lengthy and violent criminal backgrounds. In 2014, Rue was charged in connection to another jugging incident and sentenced to two years behind bars. According to court records, he followed the victim from the bank and robbed him of $1,500.

During this recent incident, both Rue and Sylvester were out on bond for felony possession of a weapon.

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