Manslaughter charge declined against 18-year-old in connection with teen's shooting death

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Monday, April 8, 2024
Grand jury fails to indict 18-year-old in 16-year-old's shooting death
Manslaughter charges were declined against 18-year-old Fabian Valdez in connection with 16-year-old Emmanuel Delgado's shooting death on Aug. 21.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A grand jury failed to indict an 18-year-old who was accused of manslaughter following the shooting death of his 16-year-old friend.

The case stems from a shooting on Aug. 21, 2023, when Emmanuel "Manuel" Delgado was reportedly driving with three other teens in the car before he was shot and killed along Wallisville Road.

Authorities initially said the gun unintentionally went off but later charged Fabian Valdez with shooting Delgado.

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An 18-year-old has been arrested in connection to his 16-year-old friend's shooting death on Aug. 21 at an intersection in NE Harris County.

"He was shot and killed. He didn't shoot himself," Emmanuel's cousin, Adan Delgado, told ABC13 in September.

Delgado was a junior at C.E. King High School, according to his family.

"It hurts a lot. We're in pain. He was so young. He didn't deserve that," Emmanuel's other cousin, Palmira Delgado, said.

Valdez and his family reportedly lived across the street from Emmanuel's family and were all friends.

Court records show the jury returned a no-bill on the case and failed to indict Valdez last month.

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Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said it appears the teen driver was handling a pistol before he rear-ended another car, though it's possible one of the passengers was the one with the gun.