Family of 95-year-old who died during winter weather seeks lawsuit, attorney said

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of a 95-year-old man who died during last week's winter storm is now suing ERCOT, according to an attorney.

Houston attorney Larry Taylor said Doyle Austin died in frigid temperatures inside of his Acres Homes residence after spending more than two days without power or natural gas.

In the lawsuit, Taylor notes several causes which could have been prevented by ERCOT leaders and said that the corporation "failed in their response" of the storm.

"You had reports, and you knew that your system needed to be upgraded and winterized, and you did nothing," Taylor said. "You need to be held accountable, and you need to talk to the people."

Taylor also stated that low-income communities, such as Acres Homes, were hit with the worst parts of the winter storm.

This week, ERCOT officials said they could not be sued because they are protected by the courts under sovereign immunity as other families seek justice for their loved ones who died as a result of power loss across the state.

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