Graduation gift: Teen surprised by brother's military homecoming

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This is a graduation gift that a Houston teen is never going to take back.

Earlier this month, Jasmine Barroga was waiting to walk across the stage at Delmar Fieldhouse to get her high school diploma, when she received an unexpected guest.

On stage waiting for Jasmine was her older brother, Army Spc. D.J. Barroga.

D.J. had not been home for almost two years, flying back just in time to make the surprise.

D.J. and Jasmine's brother, J.D., captured the whole surprise on camera.

"He was snuck in dressed as a graduate and at the moment my sister was on stage, he revealed himself and gave a small speech, before announcing our sister's name to receive her diploma," JD Barroga said.

Welcome home, D.J., and congratulations, Jasmine!

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