Eligible families could get up to $1,000 in aid after winter storm

Sunday, March 14, 2021
Jugs of water, food distributed to seniors following winter storm
It's been a month since the storm and many are still struggling, especially senior citizens. "We realized that essentially the seniors need the food brought to them."

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been a month since the historic winter storm hit Texas, and many Houston families are still without water and waiting for their home to get the repairs it needs.

Volunteers with Be The Solution in east Houston loaded their cars Saturday morning to make home deliveries of water and food to senior citizens, who would otherwise go without.

"I think this drive is a lesson learned from past drives that have happened post the winter freeze ," said Alim Adatia with Ismaili Council For The Southwestern U.S. "We realized, and so did the members of Be The Solution, that essentially the seniors need the food brought to them."

On the other side of town, The William Price Distilling Company, which transitioned to selling hand sanitizer last year due to the pandemic, opened their doors and offered CrowdSource Rescue and The Relief Gang.

"I said we have plenty of gallon jugs, but I don't have water," said Bryan Clary, the president of William Price Distilling. "They reached out to Relief Gang, and they said 'we got plumbers, we'll come fix your water and we'll just use you as a distribution center,' and I said 'go right ahead.' We're two weeks in now."

Clary provided 30,000 empty jugs that the teams use to fill up daily. Paul Middendorf, the site coordinator for CrowdSource Rescue, said they've filled about 6,000 gallons so far.

"We're trying to give 10 to 20 gallons per family if we're able," Middendorf said. "But that's only going to last the family a couple of days."

The need for relief has grown as families are struggling to get by or have to rebuild their lives during a pandemic. The Houston Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund invested an additional $6.4 million to local nonprofits this week to help families in need. Eligible families could receive up to $1,000.

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"It doesn't feel like there's an end in sight of the need that we have to fill," Middendorf said.

To receive help or donate, visit the Winter Storm Relief Fund website

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