Temporary restraining order granted against Chemistry Lounge's operators week after deadly shootout

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Thursday, October 7, 2021
W. Houston nightclub shut down after shootout with 50 rounds fired
A temporary restraining order was granted against the operators of Chemistry Lounge in west Houston, effective closing the club.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- More than a week after a shootout left a person dead and at least 50 shell casings littered across half of a west Houston block, a nearby after-hours club, where investigators believe tensions began that led to the shooting, has effectively shut down operations.

On Wednesday, the Harris County District Attorney's Office was granted a temporary restraining order against the operators of Chemistry Lounge, citing the business as a nuisance due to serving alcohol during "prohibited hours" in violation with state beverage and civic codes.

In his filing for the order, Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare said the serving of alcohol past legal hours has led to crimes at the nightclub on Clarkcrest Street, including those for murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, assault, and discharging firearms.

The order prevents the club's owner from running business out of the shopping strip where it had operated. In addition, Teare told ABC13 the business' landlord evicted them from the property, effectively closing it down permanently.

The development comes nine days after police say the club's armed security guards opened fire at a group of people inside a vehicle. According to investigators, the guards were returning fire at the group after they had shot at another group of people.

Two people inside the vehicle were shot, with one of them, who was identified as Samuel Green, dying from his injuries.

ORIGINAL STORY: 1 person killed when shots ring out near after-hours club in west Houston