CenterPoint fixes leaning power pole in southwest Houston neighborhood after Action 13 intervenes

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Neighbors finally see power pole fixed after Action 13 intervenes
Residents on Pecan Street got the solutions they were seeking from CenterPoint Energy after a wreck caused a power pole to lean and Action 13 stepped up.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- "You can hear it, you can hear it where the crack is like 'crrrrrk,'" Pecan Street neighbor Gina Deleon said.

Neighbors said a driver hit a power pole last Sunday.

"There was screeching, and then we heard a big bang, and there was a car that was completely wrecked," Natalie Rojas, a neighbor, said.

Residents told ABC13 the driver was fine, and the wreck was cleared away. Then the energy company showed up.

"The next day, CenterPoint came with another pole, and they had two vehicles here with a lot of workers. They evaluated everything, but they determined that would be the best fix," Rojas said.

That best fix turned out to be two 4x4 poles and two metal bolts. When neighbors asked why, CenterPoint employees allegedly told them there was a power pole shortage, and this patch job was all they were getting.

"It's really dangerous," Deleon said.

ABC13 reached out to CenterPoint to ask why there was a power pole shortage and what else could be done to help this neighborhood.

CenterPoint told Eyewitness News that it doesn't know why Pecan Street residents were told that, and while CenterPoint has experienced supply chain issues, they've had no issues restoring their infrastructure. ABC13 emailed the energy company again, asking if that was the case, will this pole be replaced, and when?

A few hours later, a CenterPoint fleet came to replace the pole.

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"I got chills because I didn't think it would happen this fast," Rojas said. Neighbors are thrilled to know what they thought was a neighborhood hazard is fixed.

"We, I'm speaking for my neighbors, are going to feel a lot more comfortable knowing the pole isn't going to break at any time," Rojas said.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News they feel this was never taken seriously, even sending ABC13 a picture, saying CenterPoint workers put a piece of the wrecked car on the patch job as an ornament.

"They didn't want to do their job. I expected more," Deleon said.

CenterPoint said braces are often used so the company can focus on higher priority fixes and that braced poles can expect a fix within 30 days of damage.

This neighborhood is happy to know their wait is over, but they still want answers. Why were they told there was a shortage of power poles in the first place?

"No. I think when I saw the pole the first time, there was no shortage at all. I think it's just them not wanting to do things the correct way," Rojas said.

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