Phone companies give update on weakened service amid winter storm

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Monday, February 15, 2021
Cell phone towers impacted by power outages
If you're used to staying in constant communication, you're likely noticing issues with your cell phone service being slow or spotty today.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Major cell phone providers across the state of Texas said they're receiving a large number of 'concerned customers' who are reporting weak or failed service during the winter storm.


Senior manager at T-Mobile Roni Singleton said their team is partnering with local utility and transport agencies to address major network impacts across several cities in the state. While T-Mobile works on a solution to the outages, Singleton provided a list of tips for customers to try if their mobile service becomes spotty.

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First, he suggests those with smartphones try and make calls using Wi-Fi calling. Remember, if you must use Wi-Fi calling in the case of an emergency, you'll need to provide the 911 operator with your exact address.

Also, those experiencing a weak cell service can try sending a text message. "Text messages get through easier during times of congestion," Singleton said. "We know staying connected is key in times like these."


Representatives from AT&T said commercial power outages may be affecting phone service for some customers with cell phones and landlines.

As a result of the winter weather, AT&T technicians will be sending generators where needed and said they have contacted their Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) team to be prepared to deploy extra resources if needed.


ABC13 reached out to Verizon about reports of service outages on Monday. A representative said service in the Houston area is 'performing well', despite other cell phone companies reporting outages. Verizon said backup generators, switching centers and redundant fiber rings for cell sites are keeping first responders and customers connected during this winter storm. The company said the "majority of Verizon customers should expect minimal service interruptions thanks to overlapping network coverage."