Buc-ee's to debut in Ohio as gas station chain headquartered in Lake Jackson expands north

ByMatt Guillermo KTRK logo
Thursday, August 10, 2023
You wouldn't believe the food we found at Buc-ee's
The nation's largest Buc-ee's store is slated to be constructed in Luling, where it belongs...in Texas. It'll be home to your favorite snacks, the cleanest bathrooms and endless gas stations.

It's a Buc-ee's world, and we're all just living in it.

The popular gas station chain, which boasts the world's cleanest restrooms, Beaver Nuggets, and famed barbecue sandwiches, is about to conquer uncharted territory in the Midwest.

The mayor of Huber Heights, Ohio, Jeff Gore, revealed Thursday that his town of 43,000 people will be home of the first Buc-ee's location in the fittingly-nicknamed Buckeye State.

The video above is from a June 2022 report on the Luling, Texas, Buc-ee's opening.

"The rumors you have heard are TRUE! The very first BUC-EE's in the state of Ohio is coming to Huber Heights," Gore posted to Facebook, addressing those living in the Dayton suburb.

He revealed Buc-ee's representatives will be in town next week at a planning commission meeting.

"You won't have to drive to Kentucky now to get your beef jerky and brisket sandwiches!" Gore continued. "I wouldn't kid about Buc-ee's."

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Gore also posted specific plans for the station, which will include 120 fueling positions, 11 bus or RV parking spots, and 24 Tesla charging spots.

And of course, you can't miss the size. The Buc-ee's building in Huber Heights is planned for 74,000 square feet.

An opening date was not mentioned.

Ohio is definitely a far-off state for the 41-year-old business headquartered in Lake Jackson, Texas. According to the company, 58 locations are active, mostly across the southern United States. Texas boasts more than half of those locations.

Buc-ee's has yet to make the Buckeye expansion official, as of Thursday.

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