Brazosport ISD parents claim district is lax on bullying, want answers: 'You aren't doing your part'

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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Football player wasn't only Brazosport HS student beaten recently
In the wake of a Brazosport High School football player's beating, word of another student's assault is emerging, and the child's parent is fuming over how her son's perpetrator has been handled by the school district.

LAKE JACKSON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the past few days, we've been telling you about the Brazoswood High School football player who was allegedly attacked by teammates and is now in ICU. As authorities investigate the details of the incident, another mom is speaking out about her son's attack on the Brazoswood ninth grade campus, which happened a month prior to the football player's attack.

ABC13 obtained a video that is quick, but still hard to watch. The video shows Teletha Broussard's son, Logan, being assaulted in November. He suffered a concussion, rib contusions, and hasn't been able to sleep or eat much since.

"Where are the teachers at? Where are the monitors? Where's the security?" Broussard asked.

The video was widely circulated on Snapchat, and speaks to a problem Broussard said is bigger than people realize. While charges were filed on Logan's assailant and he was punished, Broussard said she was never told how.

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In fact, she believes Brazosport ISD isn't doing enough as a whole to snuff out bullying or a culture of violence.

"Our kids to go to school to learn, and feel safe and protected. But you aren't doing that. You aren't doing your part. You're negligent," Broussard continued.

Broussard isn't alone in her frustration. A parking lot full of parents shared their concerns with ABC13.

Victoria and Eric Green's 7th-grade daughter had enough of the girl who was bullying, taunting and pushing her at Lake Jackson Intermediate School, so she punched her. Despite being an honor student, having perfect attendance and never being in trouble before, she was sent to an alternative school for 35 days and charged with assault.

"We don't condone fighting, but at some point, you have to protect yourself," Victoria Green said.

"This girl is walking around. She's still bullying people and they've done nothing," Eric Green said.

Parents tell us they've shown up to school board meetings in an attempt to get answers but can't seem to get them or get their agenda items on the schedule. Things have gotten so contentious that a BISD Parent/Teacher Advocacy group on Facebook was created.

"Over the last few months, we're finding out a lot more about disciplinary issues, multiple assaults, terroristic threats and we feel there is not adequate communication and that these issues aren't being dealt with appropriately," founder Mike Walls said.

The district didn't have any answers about everyone's concerns, but did release the following statement about the attack on Broussard's son:

"After receiving information about the incident that occurred on Nov. 8, 2021, on the Brazoswood 9th grade campus, our staff immediately took action. Law enforcement stepped in and the student was arrested and removed from school. We take all these matters seriously and the student will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

We understand these situations can be unsettling for students and parents alike; please understand that we are limited in terms of what we can share due to privacy and safety concerns."

The district also said they have a hearing process for each bullying or assault case, and the best thing to do is go directly to their child's school principal. In order to get an agenda item on at a school board meeting, you need to go through the superintendent's office.

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