Bayou Dave is on a mission to save Houston's bayous

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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Tossed out water bottles or trash end up in the waterways. Bayou Dave is on a mission to clean up the bayous with this game-changing invention!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Every time someone tosses a water bottle or piece of trash while walking along the bayous, the litter and debris ends up in the water.

The discarded cans, cups, bags and trash then enter the drainage system and flow into the Port of Houston Turning Basin, before finding their way to Galveston Bay.

The trash builds up in the water and kills the ecosystem. David Rivers, known as Bayou Dave, is a Buffalo Bayou Partnership employee on a mission to clean up the water.

He is out with the Clean & Green team every week, trying to bring the bayous back to their full beauty.

They collect several tons of trash each year, both by hand and using their specially invented bio-vac boat.

The boat sucks up trash along the surface of the water. Rivers said one person can make a difference, and he hopes people will think twice before throwing their trash.