Inside look at virtual learning for 1 Katy ISD family

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Parents and students adjust to virtual learning
A Katy ISD mom gave ABC13 an inside look at the learn-from-home setup her kids are using for virtual learning this back to school season.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- The first day of virtual learning kicked off for more school districts in the Houston area this week.

Last week, Harris County leaders and health experts unveiled what they called the "Roadmap to Reopen Schools," which said districts should not allow in-person learning until the county is out of the red level alert - which indicates uncontrolled spread of the virus.

Then, superintendents from 10 districts wrote a sharply worded letter to Harris County health officials saying the county's criteria for reopening schools isn't realistic. Katy ISD was one of them.

A majority of Katy ISD is located in Harris County, while portions of the district also cover parts of Fort Bend and Waller counties.

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"We cannot support your recommendation that would essentially require indefinite closure of schools to in-person instruction," the letter said.

After receiving the letter, health officials clarified by saying, "These indicators do not mean that in-person activities for schools will be closed indefinitely until a vaccine is available and the pandemic is over."

While they wait for in-person learning to begin, both parents and students have had to adjust to online instruction from home.

Megan Clanahan's children, fourth graders Quinn and Ryan, attend Katy ISD's Stanley Elementary School. ABC13 has been chronicling their journey back to school under these unprecedented circumstances to capture what some families are going through during this pandemic.

Both Quinn and Ryan described what they're most excited about as they enter the fourth grade.

"Seeing all my friends, but I wish I was in class with some of my friends, " said Quinn. "But I'm not excited about wearing a mask because I can't breathe in them."

"Learning new stuff," said Ryan. "Learning new ways to do stuff, and I'm two years closer to middle school."

While virtual learning began today, students who plan to return to the classrooms will be welcomed back at Katy ISD on Sept. 8.

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