Burned body found inside car in SE Houston


"I saw a lot of cops and everything," said Maria Guzman who lives nearby. "I just came out at here to see what's going on."

Heavy police presence focused on a charred Chevrolet SUV ignited fear off Milby Street.

"I'm shocked," said Guzman. "It's close to where my mom and dad lives at."

Detectives say the call for help came in just before 5am, revealing a sad scene for firefighters.

"They discovered there was a body of a black male in the back seat of the vehicle," said Sgt. Chris Cegielski.

Houston police officers tell us the man was shot and left for dead. They haven't released his identity.

They now are hunting for killer.

Those who live nearby can't stomach the discovery.

"You never know," said Guzman. "They just come and go driving real fast. What do you expect?"

Forensic teams have been gathering evidence from the scene.

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