East Texas deputy shoots dog, gets fired

April 26, 2014 10:08:44 AM PDT
A rookie sheriff's deputy in east Texas has been fired after he shot a farm dog while on duty. The 2-year-old Blue Heeler, named 'Candy' had to be put down after the shooting.

It happened in the town of Point when Rains County Deputy Jerrod Dooley was responding to a burglary call.

The dog's owner posted a video of the incident online which sparked outrage across the country. The sheriff's office says they terminated Dooley for his own safety after the department started receiving death threats.

Dooley spoke up yesterday saying he feels for the owner's loss.

"I wish I could take his hurt away; I can't begin to imagine how bad it hurts. I hear her yelp every night before I got bed, there's probably not a minute goes by I don't think about it, I'd give anything to walk up to him, hug his neck, try to make his pain go away, but I know I'll never get that chance," said former deputy Jarrod Dooley.

Dooley was hired less than six months ago. He says he shot Candy when she charged at him but admitted that he regrets it now.