Two violent robberies may be connected


Police are hoping video from the stores may help identify and find the men responsible for this morning's attacks.

In the first one, four men took over a convenience store along the 610 North Loop and Yale in north Houston. One of them was seen holding a gun, making demands to a customer

The suspect then pistol-whips the man and continues his threats.

Another angle shows the a second robber behind the counter, trying to get cash from the register. A frightened employee is next to him.

A third man wearing a hoodie stands guard at the front door, while a fourth made demands outside.

"When we finally realized what was going on, we jumped out the car and that's when he pointed the gun in my direction, and my husband jumped in and was like, 'Rob it. Do what you got to do. Just go, and we took off," said witness Brittany Crawford.

Crawford and her husband ran into the street, flagged down a motorist and jumped in the car to try to get away.

When the robbers' job was done, they all ran out of the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. They went along the side and back of the building, where witnesses say they left in a gold-colored car.

About a half hour later, three armed men took over another convenience store miles away. One of the robbers was wearing a similar light-colored hoodie. He and another robber took down two customers, while the third robber hits the register. One shot fired at the clerk, but missed him.

All suspects made a run for it.

If you have any information in either of these two robberies, you're asked to call police.

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