Liberty Institute: Hamilton Elementary School second grader told not to read Bible in class


According to the Liberty Institute, the Hamilton Elementary School second-grader was told she couldn't read the Bible during 'Read to Myself' time.

The institute says the parents came to them and not to the school because they were afraid of backlash. They say they didn't want the teacher to get in trouble. They just want their daughter to be able to read the Bible.

Meanwhile, Hamilton Elementary says they've received no complaints and are investigating.

"It's shocking actually. I mean it's a Bible. It's not like there's anything wrong with it," parent Tiffany Markovsky said.

"You don't want to offend anybody but yet you don't want to make anybody feel like they don't have the freedom to do what they want to do," parent Cynthia Burris said. "And the freedom to choose and to believe what they want to believe."

The school released a letter to parents saying they learned of the allegations from the media and that the only requirement for independent reading time is that the book is appropriate and on the student's reading level.

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