Teens' joy ride turns into fatal accident in Conroe


The tire marks are the first clue this accident was nothing short of horrific. Then came the sound.

Neighbor Miriam Rea said, "I just heard like a loud crash, like a boom. It was really loud."

"All of a sudden I heard this big (noise), it sounded like a bomb went off," said neighbor Barbara Luther.

But what is most disturbing to neighbors are the images they saw once they arrived at the crash site to help.

Witness Greg Luther recalled, "I seen the boy in the car and that's something I won't forget."

Investigators with the Montgomery County DPS office say the accident happened around 10pm Monday. They say a 14-year-old girl was speeding as she was driving down the 17000 block of White Oak Orchard.

"They do speed here," Greg said. "I wish they would slow cars down."

The freshman from Caney Creek High School apparently blew through a stop sign, hit the brakes and lost control of the car before crashing into the ditch. Officials say Anthony Gomez, 15, was riding in the passenger's seat and died when the car crashed head-on into a tree.

Rea said, "I can't believe someone died down my street. I feel sad for the family, too."

The victim's brother, still in shock, didn't want to talk to us on camera. He says his brother moved here from Honduras several months ago and worked at a construction site to help his family. Neighbors call this a senseless death -- one they believe could have been prevented.

"They shouldn't have been driving, period, at 14 years old, 15 years old," Greg said. "I don't think they should have been driving."

The girl told Eyewitness News that, despite what authorities are saying, she wasn't behind the wheel but instead was the passenger. There's no word yet if she will be charged.

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