Armed robbers ambush neighbors in mobile home park

Armed robbers held up several neighbors, even frightening children
April 17, 2014 10:49:20 AM PDT
Neighbors in one southeast Houston community are on edge after a series of early morning robberies. Police say in at least one case the crooks forced a woman to the ground and threatened to kill her, all as her children were just feet away.

It was a scary morning for neighbors across Allison Acres mobile home park Thursday. Police on scene say some unknown robbers ambushed four different families at gunpoint, targeting keys, cell phones and cash. And to make matters worse, this isn't the first time this neighborhood has been plagued by crooks.

Janet Gonalez is one of the victims. She says the thieves ambushed her as she was taking out the trash and preparing to head to work.

She said, "They threw me on the floor and said they were going to shoot me if I didn't give the m any money."

Gonzalez told police the gun-toting robbers even stormed into her home, frightening her children.

"I was worried that they were going to get hurt," she recalled. "They were in there scared and screaming. It just frustrates me. I don't know why people do this."

Each of the victims in this neighborhood finding out they're connected with similarly haunting stories now. They told police the robbers caught them off guard, demanding money and threatening to shoot them.

One victim, who didn't want to be identified, says his dad was preparing to take him and his sister to school with the robbers rushed them.

"We were about to leave to school, and out of nowhere, two males pulled up with guns, pointing it at our face and assaulted us," he said.

Neighbors are now on edge, hoping police can catch the crooks. But the victims say the men were wearing disguises.

"One of them had a blue ski mask," a victim said. "The other had a little beard, big lips, big nose."

Neighbors across this mobile home park say they just want the men off the streets before someone gets seriously hurt.

The property manager says security will be enhanced. Neighbors and the property manager expressed some concerns with recent complaints to police about crime in the area, and they plan to follow up with police supervisors.