La Porte teen's promposal gets cops in on the secret


Police stop people every day. But for La Porte High School senior Andrea Rojas, a traffic stop last Friday is one she'll never forget.

"I was asked to prom in a peculiar way," she said.

This was a peculiar prank -- police, traffic stop, and all. It was all part of her classmate Johnny Morales' unique plan to ask Andrea to the prom. It's called a promposal.

Johnny said, "I'm always like, if you're going to do something you need to go out, you need to do it big. Or just don't do it."

The whole set up last Friday had Johnny in the passenger seat of car and Andrea behind the wheel next to him. She was panicking and crying at the site of two La Porte police officers who secretly agreed to stage the traffic stop and help Johnny get his date.

"I'm going to get a ticket," Andrea said through her tears, in the incident all caught on video.

"No, it's OK," Johnny responded.

Andrea insisted, "I'm going to get a ticket, help me."

Andrea says she thought she was in some serious trouble.

"I didn't have my license," she said. "It wasn't my car. They told me I was speeding, and we had a tail light out. So I was thinking they are going to give me multiple tickets. I don't know, I might get arrested."

Johnny says it was the perfectly executed way to pop the big prom question, but admits Andrea's reaction made him a bit nervous.

"I knew she was going to cry, but I didn't think she was going to cry that much," he admitted.

After being asked to exit the car, Andrea, still with tears in her eyes, finds a trunk full of balloons with a sign asking her out to the prom. Key to making it go off without a hitch -- the acting skills of La Porte Police Officer Clarence Persails and Officer Matt Novosad.

"It was really hard to keep composure for the rest of the stop, because we knew what the end result was going to be," Officer Novosad said.

Andrea said, "I didn't think he would plan something like this."

Johnny and his friends say it was worth it in the end, because he got a big yes for a prom night date.

The students are telling me their parents and families are laughing about the prank and Andrea's reaction. Johnny told me he doesn't have any big surprises lined up just yet for prom night. But Andrea says she may have a little something up her sleeve to get back at him.

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